To cheat or to lie?

To cheat or to lie?

Simple Definition of Cheat

  • : to break a rule or law usually to gain an advantage at something

  • : to take something from (someone) by lying or breaking a rule

  • : to prevent (someone) from having something that he or she deserves or was expecting to get

Definition of Lie

noun \ˈlī\
  1. 1a  :  an assertion of something known or believed by the speaker to be untrue with intent to deceiveb  :  an untrue or inaccurate statement that may or may not be believed true by the speaker

  2. 2:  something that misleads or deceives

I’ve been wanting to know the difference between “cheating” and “lying” because most of the time I would hear this the same lame excuse, “I lied but I didn’t cheat”. Technically, cheating is a kind of lying wherein it is for the benefit of one’s own sake at the expense of the other person. It is risking the trust of the people who trusted you the most. Basically, lying is simply not telling the truth while cheating is making the lie the truth for their own good and benefit. You lied because you want to getaway from the consequences of cheating and wanting not to get caught. Who would want to get caught, anyway? You break the rule of being open and honest to the person who have trust in you just because of your own desire. Cheating is something you do against someone else’s back in the context of lying. You wouldn’t be lying if you were not asked, right? But you know you cheated because you did something that is against to the other person. To make it simple, cheating is plainly being selfish and self-centered.

It’s pretty damn hard to accept that you have been cheated and yet you’re still there hanging around. Holding on hoping that one day, you’ll forget whatever happened. But it kept happening and happening until you notice that person is longer the person once you thought they were. Sometimes, “sorry” won’t heal everything in just a snap. Promises are sometimes like pain relievers temporarily making the person feel secured once again but after sometimes the same mistake happens again. The pain it caused can’t be healed overnight, though. It takes a lot of process, from the first few days of purely crying and asking “why” over and over up until the last day wherein you are able to trust people again with all your heart. You must be familiar with the pain but you’re still crying over the same old shit. You still can’t believe that they cheated on you after so many times you caught them. You’re willing to take the “moving on” process all over again because you have this super soft spot in your heart. The question is: why are you still here? Do you still believe that this will work once more and they’ll change from being cheater to being honest? Well, maybe there is a chance. But chances are limited. Chances are not given multiple times. Asking for chances is as hard as asking for a time machine it cannot be given in just a snap (remember: up to this day, there is no time machine). Now, you should remember that. You have to count the chances you are giving away. Don’t make it unlimited and overflowing otherwise you might be giving them the chance to take you for granted which is worse. Okay? You go, girl!




“Honesty is such a lonely word
Everyone is so untrue
Honesty is hardly ever heard
And mostly what I need from you” – Honesty, Billy Joe

Is it enough to love the person all over again hoping that eventually you will learn to let go all the pain they caused you? Hoping that they will prove to you that they are still worth your trust. Is love enough to fill up all the empty spaces that broken trust left? Is it? You come to a point that trust is simply just a word because you have lost the real essence of it and love has become an obligation to do. You are left with nothing but the pain that broken promises and betrayals have caused you. How can you move on when you are still stuck in the reality that trust is no longer there? How will you explain to everyone that love is not enough to ease all the pain?

Love won’t exist without its own elements. It is made up of different aspects such as trust, honesty, openness, perseverance, and respect. If any of these is lacking, love can’t work alone. You can’t say you love the person if you keep on losing their trust because of your own desire, because of your selfishness. How can you say you love them if you let them believe all the stories you made up just to cover up your lies? Is it love when you keep on doing the same exact mistake because you know that “sorry” will put everything back to normal again? Is that really the concept of love? I guess not. Maybe you can say you love them but you have to prove it. You have to show it. You have to make them feel it. You have to earn it. Because love alone is not enough.

Now, if you’ve been through a lot of pain because of all these dip shits, make time for yourself. Contemplate things. Rehabilitate yourself from all the lies, the betrayals, and even from the people who hurt you. It’s time to think of yourself first and love everything about you. There’s nothing wrong with that. As one of my friends told me, “Know your worth, Aira” and then I realise, fuck it! I am worth it. You are worth it. You are the best thing that anybody could have. And if that person really loves you, they will find ways to win you back. They will not just sit there and regret everything. If that’s true love, they’ll change even it means they need to start back to zero again. They will try harder to prove that they are worth having again. I think, that’s the concept of love. You gotta learn it.


Be better or bitter. 

Be better or bitter. 

You know you’re not angry but frustrated on the things you thought it would be. On the things you expected it should be but only ended up disappointing you. We are created as human and pain is inevitable to us. You know you’re living when you can feel the pain. You know you’re living when the pain is kicking the real shit out of you. You know you’re living when the pangs is creeping up on you. But after all, everything will fade away sooner than you know so it is totally okay to embrace the pain you are enduring right now. You’re in pain because you are hurt. You are hurt because you know you have loved and it is really painful to be hurt by someone you have loved. You are hurt because you cared and you thought they cared too but they really don’t.

Maybe, your reason might be shallow for some but who cares, right? You’re already hurt anyway. All you have to do is to release the pain so you can move on and continue living. But sometimes, you’re too coward to express the pain in you because you know that you are NOT in the right place to be hurt. The most painful part of it is that you know you don’t have the right to feel that way because you’re not part of them and you know that they can go on with or without you. You would end up thinking that your pain is just a worthless drama just like the way Kim Kardashan cried over her lost diamond earing. It’s sad I know. But think differently and don’t be afraid to express the pain if it’ll make you feel better. Let it out but in control. Don’t let that pain supercede the love you have for them and use to understand the situation.

As the golden rules says, “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”

The Line To Your Dreams

The Line To Your Dreams

I went out early from the office after two weeks of going home late. It was raining hard and I am expecting a heavy traffic too. Not just heavy traffic but also a long line of people waiting for a carpool ride home. And I was not wrong. From afar, I can already see people lining up and it was hella long! I have nowhere to go but to push thru. There’s no way going back to our office and wait for the line to subside since I was almost in the line.
Thank God I pushed thru because the people lining up was non-stop and they kept on adding even more. It was horrific if I’ll describe it. I can’t even see the first five people infront. It seems like we’re waiting for a mall to open because it’s on sale or even worse. Along with me were also employees trying to go home too despite the heavy rain that kept on falling. It looks like there is no hope of going home early because the line is not moving fast.

Half an hour has gone and I was still in the line and the line behind me was growing even more. I haven’t move that far from where I started to line up. But, still I was progressing. What’s even worse was the person ahead me was letting his friends cut the line. I was suppose to lose my patience but then all I thought was going home. I don’t have enough energy to deal with these people anymore. I let them.

I kept myself busy, until I notice that I was almost half way making it to the first in line. I already spent an hour waiting in line. But looking back, I realized I have gone far from where I started. Then, the line progress went fast until I have reached the front line. It means that I’m next on having my ride home. Finally!

This everyday scenario I am experiencing everyday as I go to work has the same reflection we have when we’re trying to reach our goals.

At first it’ll be hard as hell. You are at the verge of giving up. But don’t. Because it will be worthwhile.

 The long line of people will serve as your path reaching your goals, your dreams or whatever you call it. It will take time to finally make it to your destination. You might even be too far away from it. There’ll be no definite time on when you will reach your goal. You will always have that baby steps before reaching the peak. There will be some long pauses which you will thought that’s the end of everything. But it is not. If you give up easily, you won’t reach your destination. Don’t mind how long it might take but instead focus on what’s ahead and definitely you will go beyond.

The guys before me are the obstacles and hindrances that will push you to your limits. They’re going to distract you from your goals and will lure you away from it. You don’t need to listen to these negative vibes when you have goals to reach. They will tell you can’t do it. They will make you believe that it’s over. You’re not worth it of your dreams. If you let yourself stumble upon these, then you will really lose.

 Keep your head in the game. Focus on what is important. Let them throw rocks at you but always stand firm. Be bulletproof if needed.

Endings of your hardwork are always be beautiful. Your perseverance won’t disappoint you. Your sacrifices will give you the best pay off ever in your life. So keep moving forward. Never stop reaching your goals. Be the last man standing in this world full of challenges. You’ll reach the finish line before you know it.

It’s me,

Aira ❤️

To Millennials Like Me,

To Millennials Like Me,

We, millennials, always rush things. When we were in school, we wanted to graduate soon so we can earn money from our own sweat and blood. And if we started to work, we will find ourselves stuck on a crossroad and terrified what will tomorrow brings. We can’t wait to have our own “Bae” and assume that they’re the one and you can’t imagine life without them. And if we have found the right one, you can’t wait to walk down the aisle to tie the knot. Everything is fast phased and we tend to worry too much that we might get left behind. Well, that’s the main problem of millennials.We always wanted to get what we want on just a snap and we know that it’s rarely impossible unless we were born rich. But it’s not always like that.

Remember, before getting things that we really want, we must first work hard for it. Whether it’s a career or material things. There is no short cut for that but it’s totally worth it.

Don’t overthink and learn to take things slowly but first always make sure you know your destination. Be patient on things because everything has its own right timing. Tolerate the hardest situation because it will make you stronger. Stand for it and without you noticing it you already conquered the one you thought you can’t. If you still don’t know what you are going thru, it’s totally fine. Keep on moving and along the way, you will able to find out where you really belong. You have your own spot light and all you have to do is wait for it while you grind. If you hate your job, learn to love it. And if you still can’t, leave. Look for another one that might help you to find your passion.

Don’t mind those who are ahead of you. They also went into all the confusions and frustrations you are going through right now. We have different paths to take and it’s not all the same, you have to remember that. Set your own goals and do not limit yourself. Go further and seek more knowledge. Look at them as your inspiration in life as you are aspiring your own personal goals. Learnings never stop at school, it goes on and on. It might take long to reach the peak of your career, but as I said earlier it will always be worth it.

Fall in love as many times as you wish and enjoy the blissfulness it brings. Feel the pain of having a broken heart, it only shows that you’ve been in love and you took a risk. As Alfred Lord Tennyson said in his poem, Tis better to have loved and lost Than never to have loved at all.”

Take it slow and try to observe your surroundings. Spend more time with your family. Have quality time with your friends. Devote yourself serving the Lord. Take it easy and you’ll thank yourself in the future for not pushing your own self too much. And that’s how you will enjoy life.

It’s me,


To My Man,

To My Man,

It is so overwhelming that many people love you. They have so much things to say about you and it is pretty amazing those are all happy crazy memories. Maybe, there are few not-so-bad memories but they always ended up laughing about it. You have touched their lives in so many ways which they will always remember and treasure. You have the gift of making people happy out of your quirkiness and sarcasm. You simplify complicated situations with your extraordinary yet make sense solutions. You would always brighten up someone else’s mood because you just wanted to goof around. In giving advice, you will always have a point. When you start to speak words through your wisdom, the serious you will always come out that will make someone left in tears. When someone in need, your helping hand does not hesitate to lend it to anyone. You will help in your own way and as much as you can. You are a shoulder to lean on to every one.

You are that kind of person that is why you are truly a gift to anyone you will meet.

So you are to me. You are the gift I didn’t ask for.

Hearing the people share their stories about you makes me tingle. Seeing them laugh because of your jokes makes me feel like the I am the luckiest girl in the world. You have no idea how you give me butterflies in my stomach every time I see you. You excite me every time you are around and even though you’re two blocks away from me I can already feel your presence. There might be different voices singing together but yours will always stand out. Your role in the family never fails to amaze me. You are the kindest and most reliable among them all and I am not being biased here. You showed many times how obedient and helpful you are to your family which makes me even more sure about you.

You are the best example of “Patience is a Virtue” because you have undeniably the longest patience on everything. I don’t know where it is coming from but it is also one of the reasons why maybe we’re still together because no one could ever handle my stubbornness the way you do. No matter how often we fight and for whatever reason it is, I still want you by my side and you never left as well.  You might disappointment me many times but I know it’s part of your whole being (though sometimes it really hurts). But, I will always accept you as far as I can. Your efforts are my weakness and it’s crazy how it makes me feel secured. Sometimes when you’re asleep and looks like an angel, I wonder if what comes into your mind to love me this far or what will make you not to love me. Questions I am afraid to ask sometimes.

Little did you know, that I like it sometimes when you are mad, when you are jealous, when you set curfews, when you restrict me talking to someone because you know their motives, when you interrogate me series of questions. I love all of it. When you show your superiority in me, that’s the time I will always feel secured. Submissive they say, but that is what I wanted knowing my capabilities are sometimes uncontrollable. Submitting to you might be the best decision I will ever have because I know you will help me turn into a better version of my self.

But behind your strong personality, you also cry like a baby. I already know that you’ve been hurt too much when you start to cry and it rips my heart apart. I can’t take the crying you because of us two, you are the strongest. Still, I am thankful that you can cry in front of me. Through that way, you are letting me know that I can be trusted. So, thank you.

When I am losing my trust in you, I would always stand firm once again and will always recall all the efforts and sacrifices you make just to keep this relationship going. And yes you are right, “Why would you waste our relationship over something that is not worth it?”. The words you’re uttering when I’m in doubt are filling up my soul which makes me feel secured once again. You have that talent of sincerity on making me feel good and assured. Thank you for investing on me and thank you for keeping that up. Thank you for loving me unconditionally.

Happy Birthday!

Go after your dreams!

Go after your dreams!

       Chasing our dreams will never be easy. You’ll go through different up and down pavements along the way. It will be a bumpy journey before you will finally reach the destination of your goals. Sometimes in our lives, we question ourselves if we are still on the right track going to our dreams. Our “what ifs” kept bombarding us and our “whys” kept haunting us. Confusions are creeping up on us which makes us tremble over and over again. We begin to doubt our capabilities to succeed because we thought there are no progress on what we are doing. We are envious to our colleagues because they are living their dreams. We are on the verge of giving up our dreams and be what it is. But hey, dreams might take some time to arrive but one thing for sure it will come in your most unexpected time and  in unexpected way.

                 For me, I know it is not there yet but it is just around the corner waiting for me. I know that my dreams are some kind of a blurry and I don’t even know where to start. I even read articles on finding your passions, things to know your passions and everything like that. I was desperate. But I am still hopeful and positive about my future, that God has better plans than me though it is kind of tricky sometimes, still I am optimistic about it. It is all about taking time slowly and analyzing things deeply. Listen to the things around you, listen to what your heart desires, listen where the calling is coming from. It’s no easy, I know, but trust in God that he will give you what is the best for you. That is a 100% win-win. Together with that, be persevere on everything you do. Keep the mantra of being optimistic and without knowing you almost reach the goals that you once dream of.

Don’t stop running after your dreams, don’t quit. You’ll get there, you’ll see. When you feel like failing, think of it like a trampoline keeping you bounce until you will finally reach the highest peak. “Never give up” as the saying goes which is in fact, true. Be a man to your dreams and live with it. Whatever your dreams may be, it might be small or big, it might be too far from reality or simple as plain but a dream will always be a dream. Don’t wait for the day you will regret everything and all you can say is, “How I wish I did everything”.