To My Childhood Bestfriend

The most first vivid memory I had with you was when we used to play as an office clerk of a laundry shop or gown rental shop. My screen name was Jenny Lopez and yours was Alex (I don’t know what your last name). Mama was so supportive that she even made us a personalized stamp, so we don’t have to write our name all over again in our “receipt”. We had our invisible customers and invisible items. It was hard to think and invent names of our customers. We used to play that at our attic where the ocean was our view. We would peep through the small window and how we would always hope that Papa’s ship will pass by just to say hello to us. Our attic was so memorable to us. In fact, it was our playroom, our hideaway. If there is a storm, we would come right up to our attic to see the big waves of the ocean and we would pray together for Papa to be safe. When the light blackouts, we would stay at our attic and hear Mama’s scary stories with only the light of the candle with us. Oh, how I love our attic so much.

Of course, just like any normal sisters, we fight. A lot. I remember blaming you about my torn paper dolls. I don’t really know why I blamed you but I was hurting you with an umbrella and our nanny was stopping me. You were just there crying. I was so mean, I know. Every time we fight, Mama would let us choose who will step out from our house and it was you who always volunteer.

After being the youngest child for eleven years, our little sister came. My world turned upside down. You were at your teenage years. Always with friends having fun. You were at your exploration and experimentation that time. I cannot blame you on that. So I became the big sister/mom to our little sister. I took care of her while Mama’s not around. Changed her diapers, fed her, put her to sleep, bathed her, played with her.  There was a time when I thought, “Maybe, if I am still the youngest daughter I can have all things I want instead of buying milk and diapers for you. And maybe, I am free to play with my cousins and classmates after school instead of looking after you.”

Our life will be boring without our youngest sibling. We have no one to play with because we are old enough. But because we have to play with her we must enjoy arcades, fun parks, Cartoon Networks, and Disney Channel. We even have to consider the movie we have to watch in the cinema. I also remember she was used to be our model whenever we want to practice our make-up and fashion skills. She was our Barbie Doll. She’s a blessing, indeed. Without her, no one will meddle between us if we fight. If we are feeling lazy, we have no one to ask to do it for us. If we want something, no one will ask from Mama or Papa on behalf of us. She was never our nemesis. Our love for her was unconditional. We saw her grow from that innocent infant to a now very talented young lady.

Now that we are growing apart, I want you both to know that you are always in my heart. I may not always say nor show it, but I would catch a bullet for both of you. We might fight so many times for so many petty reasons but my love for you will always be the same.   I never thought that this time will come where we have to be busy and focused on our own lives. I thought we are just going to think about of each other forever. But we have to set our priorities as an individual.  Grow independently. After all we are still sisters forever. My helping hands are always ready to reach out for you even if you don’t need it.

Happy National Siblings Day!


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