The world is moving fast. Time is running faster than before. We need to double time. We need to do what has to be done. Everyone around you is getting married, having kids, becoming a businessman, reaching their goals, traveling the world, setting up their career, and becoming the person that they want to be. We are all too busy until we realize that the time passed by with a wink of an eye. Your kids grew into teenagers that want to have all the good things in life. You lost your dogs that you used to run with when your bones can still run 10 miles. Your hair turned to white that shows your wisdom. You already lost someone you love and how you could wish you spent more time with them.

So, pick up your phone when someone you know is calling. It might be their last call to you. Open that message and reply even it makes no sense at all. Attend all the school activities of your children. They might be waiting for you. Listen to people’s explanation. You never know the reason behind their actions. Ask the question that keeps haunting you. You can never get an answer not until you take the courage to ask.

Do not take time for granted because it is not a privilege.

Cliche as it may be but time is gold. Time is the most precious gift that you can give to a person. There is nothing to regret when you spend your time with a wrong person. It has been always worth your time. One day, the time that you have valued and put an effort to will make sense.


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