Adios, judges!

Funny when people judge you on a situation they have never been or pain they never felt. Jumping into conclusion that makes you look the bad person as if you’re the villain and they are the oppressed. But the truth is, they are the culprit of what you have become. They can only hear you scream but never asked why. They can only see how you get mad but they never knew the story behind. What they can only see is you being so shallow on things but never knew why you came into that point. These people can only see the effect but they will never understand what you’ve been through to get into the peak of your emotions. Giving advice as if they know the whole story. Judging you like you’re the most shallow and unreasonable human being on earth. Giving unnecessary comments that will never help. These are the people you should never have in your life. Instead knowing the facts first they will abruptly judge you.

A boss once told me, “Never be sorry of your emotions”. It seems true because no one will ever understand your situation unless they are in your shoes. Cry if you want. Rant if you have to. Scream if it’ll make you feel better. Seek sympathy from those who know how to empathize. As far as you handle your emotions properly and you cause no harm to other people there is no need to apologize. Don’t worry about these kind of people and instead wish them that things like these won’t happen to them.




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