You know you’re not angry but frustrated on the things you thought it would be. On the things you expected it should be but only ended up disappointing you. We are created as human and pain is inevitable to us. You know you’re living when you can feel the pain. You know you’re living when the pain is kicking the real shit out of you. You know you’re living when the pangs is creeping up on you. But after all, everything will fade away sooner than you know so it is totally okay to embrace the pain you are enduring right now. You’re in pain because you are hurt. You are hurt because you know you have loved and it is really painful to be hurt by someone you have loved. You are hurt because you cared and you thought they cared too but they really don’t.

Maybe, your reason might be shallow for some but who cares, right? You’re already hurt anyway. All you have to do is to release the pain so you can move on and continue living. But sometimes, you’re too coward to express the pain in you because you know that you are NOT in the right place to be hurt. The most painful part of it is that you know you don’t have the right to feel that way because you’re not part of them and you know that they can go on with or without you. You would end up thinking that your pain is just a worthless drama just like the way Kim Kardashan cried over her lost diamond earing. It’s sad I know. But think differently and don’t be afraid to express the pain if it’ll make you feel better. Let it out but in control. Don’t let that pain supercede the love you have for them and use to understand the situation.

As the golden rules says, “Do unto others what you want others do unto you.”


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