My childhood days were mostly spent at the seaside, playing with the sand or picking up abstract stones. It was simple back then, no iPads and iPhones, no internet, no selfies, just pure happiness with the nature. From then on, the sea has been my therapy for all kinds of stress I deal in life.

For the past weeks, my body was craving in making love with the beach. Then I found the reasons to let myself once again, meet my greatest love affair, the beach. Before leaving the fast phasing urban life, I was broken. I was dealing with midlife crisis, trust issues, self-pity, and anger. As a Christian, I was taught to pray FIRST whenever these kinds of instances happen to your life which I always do. But to be able to satisfy myself once and for all, I urge myself to find tranquility through the sound of the waves, the salty air, and the sand all over my body. Then, I found myself having these lists below after my beach getaway.

1) Beach gives you a peace of mind.

While I was on my to the beach, I had so much in mind like the questions why, how, and another why. There were so much to answer but I don’t know where to start. I admit that I am a worrisome child but whenever I create the idea of the ocean, it makes me calm and at ease. The starry night clears out my cloudy thoughts for once and makes me sigh, “why do I always worry? Life has so much to offer anyway”. The tranquility of the ocean gave me the time to breathe out all the unnecessary thoughts I had so I can organize everything on my mind again. With only the clear sky, the calm sea, and the fine sand, everything that boggled my mind faded away.

2) The beach can mend your broken heart.

         “Where do broken hearts go?”

So okay, I have to be honest. One of the reasons why I pushed through with my plans is because I was mending my broken heart. Before I left the real world I am living, my heart was filled with emptiness.I was mad and at the same time sad. I thought I cannot recover anymore and that I will be forever bitter about love. But the beach became my remedy. It gave me time to heal through the sereneness of the ocean and made me realize it is not the end of the world yet. Looking to the open ocean made me realize that just like the ocean, relationships will also experience storms and struggles but in the end it will be peaceful and serene just like before it used to be. The bad weather won’t stay forever but the peacefulness that envelopes the ocean will remain. And by that, I know that the pain I’ve been feeling is not forever.

3) It helps you forgive easily.

When you are holding so much grudge in your life and all you want is peacefulness, just try to escape to the beach for a little while. Give yourself a break from all the hatred you are feeling and breathe out all the bad vibes in your body with the help of the monotonous sound of the waves and the salty air that lingers on your body. Isolate yourself in a place where there is no sign of contact from the real world and all you can talk to are the people who are living the simple life. Count the stars as long as you can instead of counting the sheep or counting one to ten, you’ll be surprise how it can help to ease the anger. Without knowing, you will find yourself free from anger and grudge then that will be the time you can finally forgive.

4) It’ll help you understand about life.

“When life gives you lemon, make some lemonade” is one of the motto in life that keeps  lingering on my mind every time I face some unfortunate events in my life. But as I age, I learned to turn into the most calming place on earth, beach. For some it maybe the mountains and the forest but for me being a mermaid by heart, the sand and the ocean are my therapy. While the time running so slow, questions about life will start to have a clear answer and if not at least a hint on what you can do. Life is just having a regular break from all the stresses that we are going through and the ocean will always have an open arms to make all our worries fade away.

So, whatever reasons you have in mind if you want to go to the beach, just go. Don’t look back. You’ll never regret making your beach as your best friend. Hang loose!

It’s me,



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