Always remember that you, yes you, deserve to be love. You are worth having for and no one can ever let you feel unimportant. You are a gift to any man in this world and should not be taken for granted. Yes, being in a relationship is a group effort and should be worked together but keep in mind that you are a woman that needs more attention. That is your privilege as a woman. Remember, men can’t live without women but women can live without men. 

You deserve respect from the man you love. It’s the greatest affection that he can give to a woman like you. Your opinions are their basis on making decisions. You take part on his choices. Your suggestions are valued. That you will know, if he truly wants you in his life.

A woman like you deserve to be serenaded after your exhausting day. You don’t need to beg for his time because he must give it to you like he owes it to you. Please, don’t deprive yourself from the things you deserve.

You deserve nothing but the truth. No secrets. No lies. No under-the-table shenanigans. So, give yourself a favor and don’t settle for a mediocre love. You deserve the love of a real man. The love that is sincere and with integrity. Don’t fall into his flowery words but instead consider his actions. Observe how he treats you and your family. Discover how much effort he will put into you no matter how stubborn you are. Test if he can contain his patience despite your unpredictable moods. If you found this man, keep him.




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