So, you quit?

If you are reading this and about to quit, it’s okay. Quitting does not mean that you are weak to handle things that are beyond your control. It’s just that you know yourself too much and you know that you will be much braver if you quit.

Quitting means you’re getting out from your comfort zone because you seek for more challenging roles in life. And it is not being a loser. It is way more than a winner, my friend. Why? Because you wanted to become the person that you’ve always imagine. Soaring high up above the sky one day.

You’re quitting not because you are running away from the responsibilities but because you know your worth as a person and taking all the responsibilities in one hand is too much like it swallows your personality.

Quitting is knowing your priority, which one to give up and to save. You quit because there is something that you are starting to neglect and without knowing you’re starting to lose it. You know when to quit because you know your priority.

And sometimes, quitting can be a wake up call for someone out there for them to do something. You can be their sign.

It’s me,



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