You’re Welcome!

It’s a common thing for us people to say “Thank You” whenever someone did good to us. We say “thank you” whenever a man offers a seat to us, if your sister let you borrow her favorite dress, or your classmate treat you for lunch.  We say the simple word, “Thank You.”

But since I am a curious monkey, I always wonder if people seldom forgets on saying “Thank You” then why do we always tend to forget to reply, “You’re Welcome”?

The feeling that a person gets when he receive a recognition in doing good for other, such as “Thank You” is the same feeling we get if we hear “Welcome” from the people who lend their hands to us. It’s like your appreciation on what they have done has been recognized by them.  It’s a feeling of being both happy and fulfilled in doing good and recognizing the good.

If being shy is the barrier of saying “Welcome”, then that means you’re shy in doing good, isn’t it? It a courtesy to the person who thanked you.

So the next time someone says “Thank You” answer them gratefully “You’re Welcome”.


It’s me,



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