Backpacking is one hell of an adventure but will always be worth it. You get to meet new friends and discover something new. You’ll get to know what are your strengths and weaknesses.

But, when you do it as a couple that is another story.

Most of the people think, traveling as a couple is always about having cheesy moments or making love all day. No it’s not.

I love you more than yesterday.

You’ll be surprise of what it can do to your relationship. So, let me break it down into these few things I discovered:

  1. You build more trust towards each other. 

     When you’re a backpacker and you don’t rely too much on tour guides or tour packages, you depend on your own instinct. Yep, and one of them is finding the right direction. When in a foreign place you would always think that someone might take advantage on you to which will lead you on depending your own guts. “Two heads are better than one” applies when you’re together and because you have NO choice but to rely on each others back. You get to decide on which way to go or what’s the best ride to your destination. You were able to jump the 30ft high cliff because your partner said so and because he did it too. You believe that you both can make your money last until the last day of your vacation. It’s all because you trust each other.

  2. You both learn how to be independent. 

    And because you trust each other, you are also learning how to be independent as a couple. Independent from the help of the people you think that are always there ready to help. It’s like a training ground of how it would feel like if both of you are already making life decisions. You have no one to run to except each other no matter how pissed off you are with your partner. You have to make it work so that both of you can have the life that you always dream of.

  3. You get to know each other deeper. 

    If you think you already know everything about your partner. Well, wait until you are able to travel together. There are so much therapy that traveling can do. It’s a break from a very busy life that we have in the urban. As a person, in a far away land, in a different culture, we become sentimental and we begin to show our deeper side. And because we are with the person that we always know that understands us more than anyone else, it’s easy to let it all out. We share plans and goals. Each others advocacies. Regrets. Failures. Fears. Anything under the sun that makes them as a person. You will begin to realise that you are loving a person passionately.

  4. Support system develops.

    When you travel as couple, you won’t notice that you have been supporting each other from day one. From cheering you up while trying to jump from a 50 ft. high cliff up until to the activity that you’ve been itching to do, your partner won’t let that pass away. Both of you will try to tick off every part of your bucket lists that’s all because they support whatever you want and won’t judge you for that. You will realise that even on big decisions both of you will have, you are strongly supporting each other. Support will never be hard for your relationship because you know each others strengths. And you believe on your partner.

  5. Through thick or thin, you’ll end up together.

    Backpacking is such a whirlwind kind of travel. There will be a time where you’ll have to take a long walk just to reach your destination so you can save up money and go further. Or you have to look for a cheaper hotel so you can survive for a day. Even budget your meal so you can use up your money for more extreme adventure. But sacrificing will always lead to something better. Something fulfilling and worth it. Though it is hard, you keep on moving because you know by the end of the day, you will always know what you wanted and will always be worth it.



El Nido Palawan. Year 1..
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Sagada. Year 2.
Moalboal, Cebu. Year 3.
Lucban, Quezon (Random Trip)
Aurora, Baler
Sombrero Island, Burias, Masbate
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Infanta, Quezon