I am a bad daughter. Am I?

I always ask myself if I have been a good daughter to my parents. If I have been a caring sister to my siblings or if I have been helpful to my family. I believe we all do, right?  But sometimes, there are things that would make you feel like you are not. Things that will make you question about how good you have been to your family.

So, let’s not comfort ourselves with lies and let’s get down to the real thing here. Why do we feel like after all this time, you feel like you have been a bad cheetah?

1. You don’t regularly show my affection towards them. You know, we don’t usually give random hugs and kisses.  Admit it, you can’t say the phrase “I love you” directly to them which we can to our friends and lovers. To be honest, I can’t really recall when was the last time I said I miss them. Those things make you feel a little awkward for some reason, right?

But, you know that you love them more than yourself. That you can sacrifice your own happiness for them. You are concern for them and you miss them all the time. It’s just that, you’re not good with words and affections.

2. You can go on trips without them. It’s pretty normal to spend some “vacay” with your squad or with Bae. But on a regular basis? It will look like you don’t have time to spend with your family. Even some of the members from the family would ask why you have time for your friends and for your own family you don’t? Or “Why you always make plans with your friends?” And they will even think that you don’t like to be with them AT ALL.

Ugh! If they only knew that to all the places you have been, you always thought of them. Wishing that they were here too seeing the same scenery that you are seeing. Dreaming that someday, maybe one day, you’ll bring your whole family here. Experiencing the gift of nature.

3. Buying/giving “something” for each of them are not your thing. If you’re starting to earn money, for some culture, parents expect something in return. That’s at least for all the sacrifices they made. But, it’s not your thing though. Okay. Maybe because your salary is not enough to give everyone every pay day. Or at least every other pay day. You’ve been saving as well for your adventures. It may sound selfish but, you know. We’re working to get what we want and to follow our dreams too.


It doesn’t mean that you’re being selfish. A little dinner treat once in awhile is enough to let them know that you’ve been thinking of them too. It’s your way of saying “thank you for everything but this is all I can (for now)”.

4. You have always been a busy bee! With all the paper works to finish, the hours you spent at your work, and the traffic jam you’ve been battling everyday, who can say you still have time? When you’re in a fast pace of working environment, you won’t realise that you have spent most of your hours working! Or doing other “important” things. You forgot to spend quality time with your family. And the sad thing is, they are starting to forget about you too (kidding!). I mean seriously, work sometimes can eat up all your time left for your family.

Little did they know, that you’re coping to finish every work tasks and responsibilities as early as you can. So that, if you have the extra time you get to spend it your family. It’s them you are looking for at the end of your day.  Even for that short amount of time, you were able to reach them out and get updated with their life. And it’s okay. It doesn’t have to be long hours, if you really have the busy schedule, an hour with full of laughter and stories is more than enough to start your day again.

I always believe that there will always be a good side in every person. And this good side sometimes, just shows up if we are with the people we love. The people that will always be permanent in our lives which is our FAMILY. There is no such thing as bad child to their parents. Sometimes, they have to see deeper to see what their child is trying to say.


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