Happy People = Satisfied Being

Sometimes your achievements won’t be enough to make the people around you happy and contented. Why? Because they will expect more from you. And if you disappoint them, they look at you like did nothing for your entire life. But as the saying goes, “you cannot please everyone”. Which is in fact true. No matter how hard you work, if these people can’t see your value and sacrifices, there is no way you can please them. They’re going to look for something lacking from you and then expect that you must give them what they want. Or satisfy them. They can’t find happiness from you because they will always think that you’re a selfish loser. 


Alway think this way: As long as you’re happy and you think you’re doing the best that you can, there is no way that can you can think of someone else’s assesment toward you. You will always be happy and positive about life. Even you are at your lowest, you can still find beauty from it. That maybe, maybe, it happened to you because God has better plans for you. Plans that you will be surprise of. Plans that are greater than yours. No one can ever put you down, because you have a positive mind. 
So, why let them to put you down when you can have best of both worlds? 


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