So as you have read my last blog, my family and I just came from a vacation at my father’s province. Well, to be honest, I am a different person when traveling with my family and traveling with friends or my boyfriend. Maybe because I feel like my actions are being monitored by my family and I have to act the way I should be. No wild reactions, no nasty comments, no PDA with the boyfriend, and all those stuff. The funny part was, we argue before we left our house and even discussed about what route we had to take while on our way. And, we push through our vacation without concrete itinerary and back-up plans. It was kinda stressful at first but I realised while we were headed home that spending vacation with family is something that we should always treasure. Here are some of my lists why:

It makes our bond stronger than ever.  Despite our non-stop arguments and fighting before and during our vacation, we were able strengthen our relationship towards each through understanding the differences of every member of the family. and I believe that those circumstances make a family grow stronger together.

It might not happen again any time sooner. My mother told me once that, “you should come with us because this might not happen again”. That’s the time when I decided to be with my family on any kind of occasion or activity we are dong. Our parents are not getting any younger and might not able to travel more often and sooner or later our siblings may have their own walk of life too. Well, that would make hard to gather all at once, right?

We get to discover interesting things about our family. Even we grew up with our family around and we thought that we knew everything about them, there are still certain things that we seldom know about them. Mine was when we were on a boat ride at night, and my father told me that he memorised all the stars visible in the eyes. Even the horoscopes like Sagittarius, Taurus, Scorpio, and everything? Dang, he pointed at me from North to South! I love my Papa so much and he amazed me in every different ways.

We are able to share our stories and adventures with our family.  I am a private person when it comes to my family. I don’t get to share everything with them not unless I am too excited to tell everything. Then our vacation gave us a way to talk about our different experiences in our whereabouts. My parents shared their experience while traveling back when we are still babies and how it scared them. They even told us where the exact place things happened. It’s a great way to develop strong bond.


We build trust towards each other. No need to elaborate but trust is the foundation of all.

Well, that may be few of things I realised traveling with family but for me, those are the most important notes I will always remember.

“Ohana means family, and family means no one gets left behind” – Lilo & Stitch

My older sister's family.
My older sister’s family.

My Mama and grandchild.
My Mama and grandchild.

Younger sister and Papa.
Younger sister and Papa.

The whole gang.
The whole gang.

My sisters and nephew!
My sisters and nephew!


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